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Common rail test bench

Ø Function


Ø Function

1. High-precision flow measurement, it use imported flow sensor, high precision, good repeatability.

2. Test a comprehensive, test injector full load, medium speed, idle, pre-spray and other conditions of the fuel injection.

3. It can test BOSH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS, CAT etc injector

4. Machine low noise, it is using frequency control, speed prefabricated, low noise, no impact.

5. Advanced control, a key selection, the whole process of detection.

6. Massive data,

7.Open data management, the user can add the injector data itself, especially for the new fuel injector standard oil calibration.

Ø Technical parameter

1. Out put power: 5.5kw          2. Input power: 380V/50hz/3phase or 220V/60hz/3phase

3. Rotation speed: 0~3000RPM          4. Rail high pressure: 0~2000 bar

5. Test oil filtered precision: 5μ          6. Oil tank: 40L

7. Size: 1300*900*1350               8. Wight: 400kg

Detail :

Ø Function